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  • The seeds of the IQ economy were sown in the 1950s with James D. Watson and Francis Crick's description of the double helix and Jack Kilby's and Bob Noyce's independent invention of the integrated circuit.

    Scary Smart: The Next Trillion-Dollar Industry

  • It began unnoticed in the 1950s with two concepts: in biology, with James D. Watson and Francis Crick's description of DNA's double-helix structure, and in computing, with Jack Kilby's and Bob Noyce's independent inventions of the integrated circuit.

    Ten Rules of the Cheap Revolution

  • Thanks to a comment on Michael Crick's blog for this.

    More oldest former MPs

  • Certainly none of the pieces is bad, and several of them made me want to seek out more by that author (from the sublime - Albert Einstein's thoughts on God - to the ridiculous - Francis Crick's advice to avoid gatherings of more than two Nobel Prize winners).

    September Books 31) The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing, edited by Richard Dawkins

  • Unionists would, I think, be well advised to apply Bernard Crick's advice to English nationalists too.

    Quote of the day

  • For example, in his 2001 book Scientism: Science, Ethics, and Religion, Mikael Stenmark pointed out that statements such as Francis Crick's claim that "we are nothing but packs of neutrons," Carl Sagan's "the Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be," and Richard Dawkins's "every living object's sole reason for living is that of being a machine for propagating DNA" are extrascientific or philosophical claims.

    Robert J. Cabin: Blinding Ourselves With Scientism

  • Shivani: In your essay "The Beat Surface," in the book Scratching the Beat Surface, you write, in connection with Francis Crick's use of your lines from Peyote Poem, about the "reaching out from science to poetry and from poetry to science that was part of the Beat movement."

    Anis Shivani: Exclusive: Beat Poet Michael McClure On Jim Morrison, The Doors, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac

  • However, if the stripes go vertical, though, I submit, it's either a message from one of Francis Crick's unmanned (and unfound) spaceships or something equivalent.

    Critical Thinking Exercise: Bad Design

  • It began in the 1950s with two breakthroughs: in biology with Watson and Crick's description of the double helix, and in computing with Jack Kilby and Bob Noyce's independent inventions of the integrated circuit.

    How The Cheap Revolution Confuses Policymakers

  • William Astbury, a brilliant populariser who also used poached eggs and pigs' ears to gain public interest and funding, took the first x-ray photographs of the "building bricks of life" 15 years before Watson and Crick's famous breakthrough.

    Sidelined scientist who came close to discovering DNA is celebrated at last


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