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  • proper noun A taxonomic genus within the family Estrildidae.


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  • Rare birds in the volcanic highlands are Grauer's swamp warbler Bradypterus graueri (VU) in highland swamps, and Rockefellers sunbird Nectarinia rockefelleri (VU) in bamboo, forest and heath stream thickets; in the Ruwenzori mountain forests, Shelley's crimsonwing Cryptospiza shelleyi and Stuhlmann's doublecollared sunbird Nectarinia stuhlmanni in the bamboo and alpine zones.

    Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Notable species are the bamboo warbler Bradypterus alfredi and Shelley's crimson-wing Cryptospiza shelleyi (T) the endemic Ruwenzori turaco Musophage johnstoni, and two sunbirds, the regal Cynnyris regius and the larger scarlet-tufted malachite Nectorinia johnstonii dartmouthi.

    Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Uganda

  • Among these are the Ruwenzori tauraco Musophaga johnstoni, Sassi's olive greenbul Phyllastrephus lorenzi, Bedford's paradise flycatcher Terpsiphone bedfordi, Lioptilis chapini, Grauer's green broadbill Pseudocalyptomina graueri (VU), Rockefeller's sunbird Nectarinia rockefelleri (VU), Grauer's warbler Bradypterus graueri (VU) and Shelley's crimsonwing Cryptospiza shelleyi (VU; also the Congo peacock Afropavo congensis.

    Kahuzi-Biéga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo


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