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  • The symbol for the element cesium.

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  • n. Symbol for caesium.
  • n. cirrostratus

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • An abbreviation of cases.
  • An abbreviation of Companion of the Order of the Star of India.
  • An abbreviation of Chief Signal Officer.
  • An abbreviation of Central Standard Time (see time).
  • n. The chemical symbol of c├Žsium.
  • n. An abbreviation of Confederate States of America;
  • n. Confederate States Army.
  • n. An abbreviation of Confederate States Navy.

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  • n. a soft silver-white ductile metallic element (liquid at normal temperatures); the most electropositive and alkaline metal


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  • The concept of gentleman Cs is well established there.

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  • And by the way, no, two STS-Cs is NOT robust enough for any kind of useful lunar exploration.

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  • Some storage capacitors can be constructed by using a part of the gate electrode as an electrode of the storage capacitor - which is called the Cs-on-gate method - while other capacitors are constructed independent of a gate bus-line.

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  • In 2008, Drake began offering a $350 biweekly stipend to students who showed up for 80 percent of classes and received "Cs" for their work, Bloomberg Businessweek reported last week.

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  • This is Obama the community organizer (albeit an exceptionally non-confrontational one), Obama the African American political activist who attends Jeremiah Wright's cosmopolitan church, Obama the orator who routinely hits the high 'Cs' of the call to conscience, Obama the optimist who appeals to, and for the better angels of our idealistic American selves.

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  • Emphasis is put on what we call the seven 'Cs' to flatten the classroom: connection, communication, citizenship, contribution and collaboration, creation and celebration.

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  • After getting "Cs" and "Ds" through a grade school and struggling emotionally Darah's mom Ashanti moved the family to Woodbridge just so Darah could attend the single-gender program here.

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  • Here's a post by Terry Glavin disclosure: look under the "Cs" at the end:

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  • Because IOC practices tend to filter down to other organizations, Yu points out, China uses this leverage to try and compel Taiwan to appear in the "Cs" when sports organizations are introduced, thus reinforcing the fantasy that Taiwan is part of China.

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  • DEBATA, CALLER FROM TEXAS: Paul Newman has charisma, compassion, charitable - the three Cs, meaning part of his love for life seemed to me that he really focused toward a lot of people who had less, who were less fortunate.

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