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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Cythera, an island now part of Greece, at which the goddess Aphrodite came ashore on a seashell according to Greek mythology. Thus, referring to the goddesses Aphrodite or Venus.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to the planet Venus; Venusian.

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  • adj. Pertaining to the goddess Venus.

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  • In mythology, pertaining to the goddess Aphrodite (Venus).
  • In astronomy, pertaining to the planet Venus.


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From Cythera, from Ancient Greek Κύθηρα (Kuthēra) + -an.


  • Pallas Athene taught them by word of mouth, and the Cytherean was their rosy, warm, unfailing friend.

    Hills and the Sea

  • A medal cast in 1468 in honor of Federico by Clemente da Urbino includes the astrological signs of Mars, Venus, and Jupiter, encircled by the inscription: "Fierce Mars and the Cytherean Venus, in conjunction with the most high god of Thunder, equally contribute to your power and influence your destiny."

    Architecture and Memory: The Renaissance Studioli of Federico da Montefeltro

  • Cytherean gardens, tended to set off his very handsome figure.

    Count Robert of Paris

  • “To the Cytherean gardens of Agelastes, from which we are not far distant,” said the Anglo – Saxon; “yet he hath a nearer way to it than that by which we now travel, else I should be at a loss to account for the short space in which he could exchange the charms of his garden for the gloomy ruins of the Temple of Isis, and the Imperial palace of the Blacquernal.”

    Count Robert of Paris

  • The Cytherean the hoity toity adjective for "Venusian" atmosphere is way cool for an atmospheric scientist.

    Author's Note and Some Introduction to Dark Underbelly

  • In the three months that he had been here, aboard Cytherean Station One, those clouds had never broken, and had shown only the most fugitive changes of color and shading.

    The Lost Worlds of 2001

  • But now, too many probes had been lost in the howling hell of the Cytherean atmosphere for any optimism to remain.

    The Lost Worlds of 2001

  • Cytherean spoke, and sought her son's embrace, and laid the armour glittering under an oak over against him.

    The Aeneid of Virgil

  • Then the son of Saturn, compeller of the ocean deep, uttered thus: 'It is wholly right, O Cytherean, that thy trust should be in my realm, whence thou drawest birth; and I have deserved it: often have I allayed the rage and full fury of sky and sea.

    The Aeneid of Virgil

  • 'Spare thy fear, Cytherean; thy people's destiny abides unshaken.

    The Aeneid of Virgil


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