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  • abbr. da capo
  • abbr. direct current
  • abbr. District of Columbia
  • abbr. Doctor of Chiropractic

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  • n. A Roman numeral representing six hundred (600).
  • abbr. District of Columbia, a federal district of the United States of America.
  • abbr. Sega Dreamcast
  • District Court
  • direct current
  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • debit card
  • detective constable, a police rank used in Commonwealth countries
  • Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles; DCHP.
  • da capo


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  • A group photography exhibition celebrating the Anacostia Cherry Blossom Festival and the opening of Vivid Solutions, Dc, a new fine art digital print lab and photography gallery at 2208 MLK, Jr. Avenue, SE, Washington, DC.

    Sakura: Awakened by Spring

  • Sounds like a good idea! dc pat speakin of DC, here's my new standard request: 9353

    WFMU's recent playlists

  • Labels: actual phone numbers, dc madam list, dc madam list names, dc madam list phone numbers, DC madams names, deborah palfrey list, deborah palfrey list names, deborah palfrey list phone numbers, website

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  • The actions that took place can be read and heard about on dc., including support for APOC's "smack a white boy (distr) action" call out of ANSWER, a few broken windows in VA at war profiteers 'offices, a home demo on council member Jack Evans - who has singlehandedly waged a war on DC homeless population and and few visits to and inside the IMF and World Bank buildings.


  • A number of DC subsets have been identified, including conventional (c) CD8α +DC, cCD8α − DC and plasmacytoid (p) DC and these appear to perform unique functional activities.

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  • +DC (C and D) and cCD8α − DC (E and F) in the gated CD11c

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  • i think his point is that being wrong isnt enough here because were talking about the dc circuit court criminal pro issue here which only has presidential effect on law enforcement in they should reserve cases for important “wrong” cases-the specific defendant has already been turned down by a trail court and apanel.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » D..C. Circuit to Take Terry Stop Decision En Banc:

  • I told Alabama how to fix the system 'Completely and all I got was and offer to have donuts with him and dick, At there weekly public geek off session in dc' They do not listen to intelligent idea's that will work 'They listen to the cash monopoly and the "money changers' who put us in this mess 'In-tell we get those, Argent cash givers out of DC' Things will never change. Main RSS Feed

  • Do you really believe that the crash of two commuter trains in DC is somehow Obama's fault??!!!!

    Sanford to return to work Wednesday, staff says

  • And the cost of living in DC is outrageous. just truth

    White House releases staff salary list


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