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  • Defence Signals Directorate, an Australian government intelligence agency responsible for signals intelligence (SIGINT) and information security (INFOSEC).


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  • The term DSD, just like GID, is pathologizing what is a normal biological variant.

    A Nose By Any Other Name Would Smell

  • (The terminology continues to evolve: recently the term DSD (disorders of sex development) was introduced, particularly in the medical context, but I've read arguments for and against it by different groups in the international intersex community.)


  • It is called DSD because most conditions stem from that time at 17 weeks when the sexual development occurs Not gender identity, but the actual 'bits'.

    Cat 'Aww!', woman as construct, crossdressing and Intersex/DSD issues

  • That’s why clinically now they are called DSD Disorders of Sexual Development: which to many people SOUND like the person has some puberty problem or has become a peeper, hence not really loved by many intersex individuals.

    Cat 'Aww!', woman as construct, crossdressing and Intersex/DSD issues

  • The firm has two reportable segments, Direct Store Delivery ( "DSD"), whose principal products comprise energy drinks, and Warehouse ( "Warehouse"), whose principal products comprise juice based and soda beverages. Home Page

  • DSD is commonly called the Green Dot program because participating companies put a green dot on their packages, indicating their participation in the program.47 It looks kind of like the yin-yang symbol, which somehow seems fitting.


  • DSDPodcast: Special Episode: Frank Bill day at DSD: "Steve Weddle talks with Frank Bill about his new book, DONNYBROOK."

    Archive 2010-05-23

  • Companies pay DSD based on their packaging use, and the money is used to collect the packaging waste and safely reuse, recycle, or dispose of it.


  • If you feel you ‘know’ someone who has an intersex condition over the internet, I am telling you that you ‘know’ about 4-5 people minimum who have a DSD/intersex condition in your regular daily, monthly life: face to face.

    Cat 'Aww!', woman as construct, crossdressing and Intersex/DSD issues

  • If you live in a city, if you know over 1000 people, including bank tellers, store clerks, managers, students, people in your high school then you already know, several people with Intersex/DSD conditions.

    Cat 'Aww!', woman as construct, crossdressing and Intersex/DSD issues


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