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  • n. A set of rules for marking up a document in SGML.

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  • Data Transfer Device
  • Detailed Timing Descriptor
  • Document Type Definition
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  • Double Talk Detection
  • December to Dismember


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

d(ocument) + t(ype) + d(efinition).


  • By the way, if you're curious, converting the base DocBook schema to a DTD is a 40 step pipeline (more or less):

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  • Document Type Definiton (otherwise known as a DTD or doctype) or a particular profile defined so as to comply with reasonably well-defined standards.

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  • Specifically, you will learn how to • model XML documents • express the model in a DTD • validate a document against its model The DTD is the original modeling language or schema for XML.

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  • Entity identifiers are identical to DTD identi - fiers (in fact, the DTD is a special entity).

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  • It should point to a valid definition file called a DTD that tells the browser how to read the document

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  • Create a "DTD" customization layer in RELAX NG that removes the most difficult problems: create unions for the attribute co-constraints, create unions for the elements that are defined by several patterns, remove the elements in "other namespaces" extension points, etc.

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  • Starting with the "DTD" customization layer, perform some simplifications.

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  • To validate against a DTD, xmlstarlet should be invoked with the val subcommand, the - d option (for "DTD"), and a path to the DTD file.

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  • Eventually, I realized that perhaps the DTD is the problem, our pages use XHTML / Transitional DTD, (

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  • WisdomTree Total Dividend (NYSE: DTD) uses a similar diversification philosophy, which results in holding approximately 757 stocks.

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