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  • initialism Digital Visual Interface
  • initialism computing Device independent file format


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  • One called DVI is for the video and the second is optical audio.

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  • There's DVI, which is the current dominant connector for desktop monitors (though somewhat uncommon on laptops). - The Webs Best Source For Laptop Notebook Info

  • A projector can have a DVI connector but only connect VGA (aka DVI-A). Forum

  • It is called the DVI-1500HD and you'll find it pricing around $600.

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  • D0rk: VGA definitely would be, but i'd bet hes using DVI which is digital, and SHOUDLN'T degrade of that small of a distance.

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  • The acronym stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, created by Intel to provide copy protection for digital content as it transmits from source to receiver across HD connections such as DVI and HDMI. stories

  • This limitation effectively limits the iMac to accepting video input from recent MacBooks or other computers that produce DisplayPort video, which works significantly differently from earlier analog VGA or digital formats such as DVI/HDMI.


  • In recent years the nature of the monitor itself and of the video electronics in the computers have significantly changed from typical VGA video outputs and CRT monitors to mostly LCD monitors and a variety of video formats such as DVI and HDMI.

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  • This made it impossible to convert RealDVD content into different video formats such as DVI, AVI or MPEG-4 and then shares those files on the Internet.


  • (Unfortunately, I don't have a digital port such as DVI or HDMI.)

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