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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Lowered in class, rank, or social position.
  • adj. Lacking high station or birth; of inferior social status.


French, past participle of déclasser, to lower in class : dé-, down (from Latin dē-; see de-) + classe, class; see class.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • You can click on a thumbnail image in the Datalist control to display a larger version of the image on the page.

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  • Then, the FileInfo array is used to populate a custom DataTable object which is bound to the Datalist control.

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  • When I click on the link to open the second panel the Page_Load happens again and the Datalist in the First panel is rebound and the above error occurs.

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  • I have some Datalist control which bind it from a list and within every object in the list there's some property which is list of another type of objects list and there's some gridview with in every datalist item which bind it with the list in the big list, I tried to acces these fields in the design page of it but I dont know how to acces them articles

  • I used to have 7 Datalist for each that I had, and when the user clicks on the view, it returns the value to my SQLDataSource but now I'm using the PagedDataSource so I don't know how to go about this. ajay_gautamji

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  • The Datalist control works fine untill I use a MySQL Database with it. articles

  • Member since 05-18-2009, 6: 49 AM hi, i m try to read a xml file using Datalist its working, but i need to show only top 4 records how i can do that if i m tryig to read a file then its working, or if i try to read a site xml then it raise an error

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  • Use this code to get value of textbox in Datalist: -

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  • So when page load the Datalist will be populated with checkboxes thats checked & unchecked from the database

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  • Take a display control like div, span, literal or label in the Datalist.

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