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  • Pasteur, as opposed to all among that pestilence of what are merely, a-prioristically mathematicians, such as David Hilbert, or, the actually evil variety of so-called

    LaRouche's Latest

  • For his thesis, he completed a proof of a problem that was number 13 on a famous list of 23 unsolved mathematical challenges compiled by David Hilbert in 1900.

    Vladimir Arnold, noted Russian mathematician, dies at 72

  • In 1910, he wrote his doctoral thesis with one of the greatest mathematicians, David Hilbert (1862 – 1943).

    Nelly Neumann.

  • In 1915, she moved to Göttingen, as an assistant to the world-famous mathematician David Hilbert.

    Emmy Noether.

  • Finally, both of them were drawn to Göttingen, where Felix Klein and David Hilbert had established an international centre of mathematics in which women were encouraged to participate.

    Margarete Kahn.

  • Margarete Kahn was a student of the great mathematician David Hilbert (1862 – 1943), who decisively influenced the development of mathematics around the turn of the century.

    Margarete Kahn.

  • In June 1899, at a ceremony marking the installation of the new Gauss-Weber monument in Göttingen, David Hilbert delivered a lecture on the foundations of geometry.

    The Frege-Hilbert Controversy

  • In the early years of the twentieth century, Gottlob Frege and David Hilbert, two titans of mathematical logic, engaged in a controversy regarding the correct understanding of the role of axioms in mathematical theories, and the correct way to demonstrate consistency and independence results for such axioms.

    The Frege-Hilbert Controversy

  • David Hilbert published a book in which he constructed such models, using exactly the method of interpretation that we have just described.

    Model Theory

  • Noether received attention from colleagues like David Hilbert and Albert Einstein, and praise of her genius is not wanting; still, I think that an example like Emmy Noether might inspire young people to take an interest in mathematics.

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