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  • n. The satellite of Uranus that is fifth in distance from the planet.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

After Desdemona, wife of Othello in Othello by William Shakespeare.


  • As soon as she disappeared, Carmine was calling Desdemona.


  • While in many ways stereotypically pure and meek, Desdemona is also determined and self-possessed.

    November 1st, 2002

  • It was in Cyprus under this last regime that Shakespeare laid the scene of his tragedy of Othello; and one may still see Othello's Tower at Famagusta, where Desdemona is supposed to have been murdered and Othello to have killed himself.

    The Cyprus Question

  • And what could better illustrate those defects of hers which make one wince, than her repeating again and again in Desdemona's presence the word Desdemona could not repeat; than her talking before Desdemona of Iago's suspicions regarding Othello and herself; than her speaking to Desdemona of husbands who strike their wives; than the expression of her honest indignation in the words,

    Shakespearean Tragedy Lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth

  • But no imagination could put Miss Constance in Desdemona's place, when Othello complained of his headache – you remember, Charlton, –


  • In fact, she laughed when I asked, said I could call her Desdemona because she'd been living with a black guy, a dangerous sort of man who would have killed her if she stuck around.

    The man who killed Molly Bloom - Act II

  • 'Othello believes that Desdemona loves Cassio', we will call Desdemona and Cassio the _object-terms_, and loving the _object-relation_.

    The Problems of Philosophy

  • The mansion reportedly was modeled after a residence in Venice known as Desdemona's House, referring to the heroine of Shakespeare's "Othello." -

  • Ross, the man on the phone, had some kind of relationship with their manager, an Englishman named John Hewlett, who back in the heyday of Mods, had been in a band with T. Rex's Marc Bolan called John's Children (their one big song, "Desdemona" is pretty darn fab, actually).

    Binky Philips: I Audition for Sparks in London, 1974

  • Othello believes _truly_ that Desdemona loves Cassio, then there is a complex unity, 'Desdemona's love for Cassio', which is composed exclusively of the _objects_ of the belief, in the same order as they had in the belief, with the relation which was one of the objects occurring now as the cement that binds together the other objects of the belief.

    The Problems of Philosophy


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