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  • proper n. A transliteration of the Russian male given name diminutive Дима.


From Russian Дима (Díma), a diminutive of the male given name Дмитрий (Dmítrij, "Demetrius"). (Wiktionary)


  • And I began to realize that in Dima there was a confused morality from which we could learn something.

    Colorful Crime Boss Inspires Le Carre's 'Traitor'

  • Another Christian, a student in her twenties called Dima, dismissed the fears held by some of her friends about the threat of militant Islamism.

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  • It was at this point that Dimitry adopted the stage name Dima and, with the help of false documents that corrected his age to the legal 18, began a successful career modeling naked and starring in hardcore sex videos on the gay websites financed by his lover.


  • There, Lyuba will join a male baby mammoth called Dima who was unearthed in Magadan in Russia's Far East in 1977 and until now was Russia's best-known example of the species.

    Breaking News - The Post Chronicle

  • The Lithuanian final has just ended and the (third time) lucky one to get the ticket to Moscow is Sasha Son aka Dima Sha ... | news

  • Alexander Shulgin is a leading executive in the new Russian music industry, having worked with such iconic artists as Valeria, Mumiy Troll, Dima Malikov, Gruppa. fm and many others.

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  • The young Dima was struck by how his father could work late into the night, surrounded by books, papers piling up on his desk beside him under the lamplight.

    The Return

  • By the time Dima was in high school, the latter was already at work in the “Big House,” the Leningrad KGB headquarters.

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  • Dima would run wild in the park, or else tag along, watching proudly as his mother rattled off facts about Russian history.

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  • At fourteen, on a winter school trip—the teacher recalls much throwing of snowballs—Dima got to know a blonde-haired girl called Sveta Linnik, who was studying in the parallel seventh grade class.

    The Return


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