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  • Well, we could spend days making our way through the perilous cavern dungeon levels to slay Lizalfos and King Dodongo in exchange for Goron's Ruby, but look – some fish!

    Zelda is 25, here's what we've learned

  • If you go right, destroy the gel and then go up, you will find information on how to kill the Dodongo, then go down and left.

    The Legend of Zelda FAQ by Alan "Linkmaster" Mitsugi v1.0

  • But this is what the old man spoke, "Dodongo dislike smoke." - Business News

  • Ok - when you walk into the room, you will see King Dodongo walking towards you.


  • King Dodongo - when dodongo opens his mouth to spit fire throw a bomb into it to stun it then quickly slash it. when he he rolls around there is a small piece of brown land you can stand on (right next to the lava!)


  • Dodongo Boss - throw a bomb in his mouth and use deku sticks to hit him, every time one breaks use a new one, you should only have to do this once before he gets up and rolls, mabey twice, but it should really only take once, then he will rool into the lava.


  • If you fall in the lava surrounding the central platform leading to King Dodongo, you can roll (Control stick forward + A) out and get hurt, but a LOT less than if you didn't roll attack!



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