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  • proper n. A former landmass in the southern North Sea which connected the island of Great Britain to mainland Europe during the last ice age.


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  • The antler was found in a part of the North Sea called Doggerland, which has long since disappeared beneath the waves.

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  • As for the route of this migration, it probably took these ancient hunter-gatherers across Doggerland – a now submerged stretch of land in the North Sea that is known as Dogger Bank today – and into eastern England.

    Bones from a Cheddar Gorge cave show that cannibalism helped Britain's earliest settlers survive the ice age

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    Tulip Island or Doggerland?

  • Like all landbridges, Doggerland seems to have been a pretty busy thoroughfare for ancient hunters and gatherers.

    Drowned Worlds

  • Doggerland, for example, may have been rife with Mesolithic sites, and archaeologists are immensely keen to see how bands from this period made use of the landscape and adapted to rising sea levels.

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  • Doggerland is currently in the spotlight, but it is by no means the only lost world attracting scientific attention.

    Drowned Worlds

  • They put it to work in an ingenious way, reconstructing a soccer-field-sized patch of Doggerland.

    Drowned Worlds

  • Doggerland, as you may know, is the name of a vast plain that joined Britain to Europe for nearly 12,000 years, until sea levels began rising dramatically after the last Ice Age.

    Drowned Worlds

  • Doggerland, which connected the island of Great Britain to mainland Europe during the last ice age. Top headlines

  • Mapping Doggerland project has completed a report that describes and includes downloadable data for the area of the southern North Sea known as Doggerland.

    Planet Geospatial


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