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  • proper noun A taxonomic genus within the family Dromadidae — the crab-plover.


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New Latin, from Ancient Greek δρομάς (dromas, "camel")


  • "Dromas," said the prince impressively -- "Come, now, my old friend and comrade," interrupted the Greek youth lightly, "don't put on such a long face.

    The Hot Swamp

  • The youngsters, like my nephew, Dromas (ph), and his friends inside are very active.

    CNN Transcript Sep 28, 2007

  • Incidentally, Humphries is best known for his translations from the Latin poets, notably Ovid, from whom most of the imagery in the poem comes; Actaeon and the list of dogs who hunt him "Laelaps and Ladon, Dromas, Canace", for instance, are from Book 3 of the Metamorphoses. SONS OF COLUMBIA, AWAKE!

  • Its blare echoed among the hills, where the second and fourth Dromas of the imperial army waited.

    Chosen Of The Gods

  • If the outriders™ reports were correct, and two full Dromas were marching through Taol, it didn™t matter when they came.

    Chosen Of The Gods

  • = For the lengthy catalogue, typical of Ovid, compare the listing of Actaeon's dogs at _Met_ III 206-25 (in particular at 217 'et Dromas et Canache Sticteque et Tigris et Alce') and the catalogue of trees that came to listen to Orpheus sing (_Met_ X 90-107).

    The Last Poems of Ovid

  • There some distance ahead of them was Dromas driving the oxen home from the day's ploughing.

    The Spartan Twins

  • After supper there were jokes and songs, and Dromas played upon his shepherd's pipe, until the night came on and the moon showed her round face over the crest of the hills.

    The Spartan Twins

  • When Lycias had finished his story, Dromas told the tale of how the God

    The Spartan Twins

  • Dromas had gone in before them with the oxen, and Melas himself was waiting to let them in and to count the sheep.

    The Spartan Twins


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