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  • And, Béraud and Coulmont suggest, the pre-war tradition of Durkheim's sociology had exhausted itself; so reviving sociological research was not simply a matter of dusting off the ideas and methods of Durkheim and his followers in the 1920s and 1930s.

    French sociology as a distinctive tradition

  • Our soldiers in Iraq are committing suicide at a record high, another deviant behavior that Durkheim's anomie predicts, and still W gets people to volunteer to go off Iraq.

    The GOP is trying their ages old ploy of terrifying the US.

  • Note 66: Here I am referring to Durkheim's theory about the sacred and the profane.

    How Taiwan Became Chinese

  • In Durkheim's case there is an implicit contrast between a pre-modern world in which individuals have a well-defined social and moral place and the contemporary world in which these strands of solidarity are breaking down.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • Durkheim's ideas about the social world seem to be in the background in the focus offered by Marc Bloch or Jacques Le Goff on this aspect of history's tapestry -- though the Annales approach seems to be more psychological than Durkheim would have preferred.


  • Robert Putnam's work on trying to measure the changing density of civic involvement social capital is a different perspective on Durkheim's concept of solidarity.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • Marx's theory of class, Durkheim's theory of anomie, Tocqueville's highlighting of civic associations -- these are all instances of an effort by a social theorist to formulate a concept and a set of correlative theories in terms of which to analyze the historically given.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • And this takes us some distance towards Durkheim's central view -- the autonomy of social facts.

    Arguments for social holism

  • Even Durkheim's central theories can be formulated in a way that is innocent with respect to the charge of "action at a distance".

    Methodological individualism

  • Colbert Rhodes has written a good essay on Durkheim's influence on Bloch.

    Archive 2008-04-01


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