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  • adj. Of or pertaining to David Émile Durkheim (1858-1917), French positivist sociologist commonly cited as the principal architect of modern social science.


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Durkheim +‎ -ian


  • The guy sitting next to me on the sofa concluded that his view on gay culture is Durkheimian.

    Michelle Haimoff: The Importance Of The Gay Cliche

  • To use the term "disaffected" is to bring a Durkheimian mindset to the table; it is to offer the beginnings of a diagnosis of the problem as well as a description.

    Disaffected youth

  • Both Gilbert and Tuomela seem to think that groups have intentions that are autonomous from the purposes and intentions of members of the group -- a sort of Durkheimian view of the autonomous reality of the mentality of groups.

    Acting as a group

  • Beyond the recognition, however, that Weber is not simply a sociologist par excellence as Talcott Parsons's Durkheimian interpretation made him out to be, identifying an idée maîtresse throughout his disparate oeuvre has been controversial ever since his own days and is still far from settled.


  • Bloch reflects the Durkheimian social realist metaphysic by reaching behind individuals to the social group considered in its broadest aspect, the collective mentality.

    Marc Bloch's history

  • Angus spent much time describing the early post-revolutionary period, one of Durkheimian effervescence my observation, not his.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • This is what Victor Turner in too strongly a Durkheimian mode called, in the context of ritual studies, "anti-structure."

    Against Exceptionalism: A New Approach to Games

  • For example, Weberian thesis of Hinduism is not very relevant for us but we cannot say the same for the Durkheimian attempt to understand the "Elementary forms of Religious life" and "Primitive Classification".

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • I see Levi-Strauss, Lacan and Focault as the improvement over Durkheimian approach now.

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • I had planned once the study of Advaita Vedanta through Durkheimian approach.

    Archive 2005-10-01


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