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  • An "E-meter" reading reveals that he is housing the soul of Scientology founder L.

    Church Of Scientology Investigated 'South Park' Creators Matt Stone, Trey Parker: Report

  • The nominal salaries earned by a Major Movie Star are paid up front against a share of the gross receipts of the film — which is to say, if you paid $10 to see Pursuit of Happiness, and Will is getting $2 of that less the original $15 million acting fee (and less what he pays his E-meter operator, but I digress).

    Matthew Yglesias » Movie Stars’ Declining Real Wages

  • Let's just hope that these Scientology ministers are only there to help unload the plane, and not there to E-meter the Haitians for Thetans.

    Dlisted - Be Very Afraid

  • The E-meter reads your physiological reactions, the Ronbots never calls it that—they call it the “CHARGE” or the “MASS” or “ENGRAMS” OR “MENTAL IMAGE PICTURES” that you have in your brain—all meant to distract you from the truth.

    Scientology is a cult...

  • Mr. Morton includes a photograph of Hubbard using a device that Scientologists call an E-meter -- "a crude lie detector" -- to measure the emotional state of a tomato (apparently Scientologists are attuned to the inner lives of plants).

    Airplane Reading

  • Few people outside the Church of Scientology, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary, have seen the E-meter.

    Lure of the celebrity sect

  • People being audited could relive their births, or test their future hopes on the E-meter, a kind of super lie detector that revealed "the anatomy of the human mind."

    NYT > Home Page

  • He began talking to the staff and decided to take an E-meter stress test - holding a device which measured his pulse, while Mr Sadler asked him questions.

    Manchester Evening News - RSS Feed

  • 'E-meter' machine which was being used to test him.

    Manchester Evening News - RSS Feed

  • The E-meter device, which Mr Sandler said cost about £3,700, is at the heart of

    Manchester Evening News - RSS Feed


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