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  • n. Symbol for the exaampere, an SI unit of electrical current equal to 1018 amperes.
  • Enterprise Architecture: a framework used to manage and align an organization's business processes, Information Technology (IT) data, software and hardware, with the organization's overall strategy.
  • ethyl acetate.
  • Electronic Arts.


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  • Enter Slippage, and Exit slippage. (if this cannot be done, then enter slippage on the trading ea, and exit slippage on the Cash monitor ea) - Need a parameter field to designate initial hard starting equity $ amount $xxxxx. xx (account starting balance) at the time of EA start. - New Projects

  • EA is quite capable of earning a spot on the list and they are well on their way to arriving there.

    DRM and Need for Speed

  • Sure EA is a Rich and Powerfull company (At the current time)

    DRM and Need for Speed

  • * But let me just add: after a year in which two of the biggest buzzed books, Kingdom on the Waves and Chains, were by white people writing in the voice of African Americans, let me just say that EA is NUTS to think white writers are excluded from publishing about blacks by virtue of their exclusion from the CSK.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • (Let's set aside the certainty that I would not play effectively on either side in EA's game; I lost my game reflexes years ago.)

    EA takes 'Taliban' out of Medal of Honor game

  • I mean, I get why EA is calling it that, but, like, come on.

    Welcome To Hell

  • On that note, I (like Stephen Totilo) was rather surprised that there were no updates on the status of Wii MotionPlus -- especially since EA is launching Grand Slam Tennis and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 this summer, and both games will ship with MotionPlus support.

    What Can Nintendo Say That Will Impress You?

  • We assume the lovely EA is referring to royalty escalation clauses in author contracts; basically, this means your royalties go up if your sales do.

    You Asked For It

  • This EA is not online, personal exertion required to Urban Affairs 388.46097 W1301

    » City Council boards the DRL bandwagon • Spacing Toronto • understanding the urban landscape

  • EA is sponsoring with American McGee and Spicy Horse to create a sequel to American McGee's Alice.

    Archive 2009-05-01


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