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  • n. A crystalline acid, C10H16N2O8, that acts as a strong chelating agent. The sodium salt of EDTA is used as an antidote for metal poisoning, an anticoagulant, and an ingredient in a variety of industrial reagents.

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  • ethylenediaminetetracetic acid

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  • n. a complex molecule used medically to chelate metal ions in cases of lead or heavy metal poisoning


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

e(thylene)d(iamine)t(etraacetic) a(cid).


  • About 65% of the activity of a fresh brain extract resistant to EDTA is probably the enzyme in the Zn-form.

    Irwin Rose - Autobiography

  • That blood contained an added preservative called EDTA ....

    Kevin Cooper: Victimized by American Injustice

  • Abubakar was given a substance known as EDTA, and he was receiving it intravenously.

    David Kirby: Autism and Chelation: Where is the Science?

  • The agency also warned against using the drugs, which the FDA said are commonly both referred to as EDTA, for unapproved uses such as "chelation therapy" to remove metals from the blood.

    FDA Warns 2 Disodium Drugs

  • Chelation (pronounced key-LAY-shun) is a type of therapy in which a man-made amino acid, called EDTA, is added to the blood, and it has been used to treat heavy metal poisoning.

    Alex Jones' Prison

  • This combination contains most vitamins, minerals, including calcium and magnesium, and the amino acid EDTA which is considered one of the building blocks of life and regeneration.

    Weight Loss and Green Drinks

  • Mayne appealed a judgment of literal infringement and infringement under the doctrine of equivalents, arguing that the district court erred in the construction of the term "edetate," EDTA which is a limitation in each of the asserted claims.

    Archive 2006-11-01

  • EDTA stands for ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid, which is a synthetic amino acid that is delivered intravenously.

    FDA cracks down on experimental autism therapy

  • The theory is that EDTA chelation might work by directly removing calcium found in fatty plaques that block arteries, causing the plaques to break up, that the process may stimulate the release of a hormone that in turn causes calcium to be removed from the plaques or causes a lowering of cholesterol levels.

    FDA cracks down on experimental autism therapy

  • The National Institutes of Health is sponsoring a large study to test whether the chelation agent EDTA is safe and effective for people 50 and over with heart disease.

    FDA cracks down on experimental autism therapy


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