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  • n. Symbol for the exafarad, an SI unit of electrical capacitance equal to 1018 farads.


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  • Part of the advantage of the liberalization of the EF is precisely that the EF is a beautiful home for the whole treasury sacred music that has been so neglected in the postconciliar years.

    Working Our Way to the High Mass

  • However the EF is a procedure (and it is NOT Dembski's) used to determine the cause of what is being investigated.

    The Memory Hole

  • For many 19th century rare dates, like some Carson City Mint Eagles, demand is strong for coins in EF-40 or higher grade, Albanese reveals.

    New Weekly Column: Coin Rarities & Related Topics : Coin Collecting News

  • Days after admitting that the EF is wrong, after critics said "Dude, we told you that like ten years ago" Dembski got his feelings hurt and announced that oh yeah, well, just for that, he was going back to the EF and he was going to use it all the time, so screw you guys!

    Can't We All Be Friends?

  • Hearing that Dembski has abandoned EF is like hearing that their engine has rusted away.

    Can't We All Be Friends?

  • (I add the last category in observance ofDemski's admission that his EF is prone to false negatives)

    A Nagging Question about MN

  • Is Dembski's claim actually that the EF is only infallible when applied to biological structures?

    The Memory Hole

  • He essentially argues that the EF is infallible (i.e., never produces false positives), when it fact it can be demonstrated to fail even on fairly simple matters.

    The Memory Hole

  • SInce ID does not present any positive hypothesis or explanation of its own, the EF is doomed.

    Stone Tools and Arguments Against Design

  • I think the EF is still it's in it's beginning stages.

    Stone Tools and Arguments Against Design


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