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  • But you could also just * type* 'EOF', and they'd think you've quit ... but you still have an open line to their terminal.

    Phrack Issue #15 (Shooting Shark's Issue)

  • < < 'EOF' > phpunit. svn/hooks/pre-revprop-change #!

    Sebastian Bergmann

  • FileInputStream read_async call, you need to call read_async again to continue reading; keep doing this until read_async returns 0 which signifies EOF.

    Downloading Large Files Async With GIO | jonobacon@home

  • Those of us unfortunate enough to be in the forefront of the first wave of “protection” passed the intel back to the powers that be, who revised the ROE (Rules of Engagement), which details the level of force authorized, in addition to the EOF (Escalation of Force), which provides criteria for reaching that deadly force threshold.

    Mercy Kill

  • When standard input reports EOF, the final accumulator value is output. echo "1 2 3" | fold "(+ INPUT STATE)" "0" would output 6 (the sum of the input numbers).

    Snell-Pym » Magic Pipes

  • When I ask the lexer for its tokens, it gives me back exactly what I'd expect, Token(Identifier(x),0), and EOF(1).

    A Scala Lexer

  • If it receives an EOF, just hand it over to the Parser, it should know what to do with it.

    A Scala Lexer

  • This means it found the identifier x at offset 0, and found EOF at index 1.

    A Scala Lexer

  • Any more calls to nextToken will continue to return EOF until the Lexer gets new data via the lexing methods.

    A Scala Lexer

  • SELECTIVERENAME if %~f1 == %~f0 goto :EOF ren %~f1 %~n1.csv

    Use Relative Paths In Your Batch Files | Lifehacker Australia


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