from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A plan under which the employees of a company or corporation acquire its capital stock.

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  • n. a program under which employees regularly accumulate shares and may ultimately assume control of the company


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

E(mployee) S(tock) O(wnership) P(lan).


  • An ESOP is a tax-advantaged, qualified employee retirement plan similar to a stock bonus plan except that it is designed to provide your employees with an ownership interest in your business.

    Jeffrey A. Landers: How To Divorce-Proof Your Business: The ESOP Or Property Settlement

  • The ESOP is a government program that allows employees to contribute part of their paychecks to buy stock in the company they work for.

    Moultrie Observer Homepage

  • The ESOP is a noncontributory plan that covers certain salaried and hourly employees of the Company.

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  • The publisher will end the so-called ESOP once it emerges from bankruptcy, Chief Administrative Officer Gerald Spector said in a memo to staff today.


  • In fact, in Boise Cascade Corp. v. United States, 329 F. 3d 751 (9th Cir. 2003), the district court concluded that, with respect to a virtually identical transaction, that the ESOP was the owner of the redeemed stock. Today in Finance

  • The ESOP's Our expected rate of return on plan assets is deter - expense is calculated by the "shares allocated" method. mined by our asset allocation, our historical long-term The ESOP uses our common stock to convey benefits investment performance, our estimate of future long - to employees and, through increased stock ownership, to term returns by asset class (using input from our further align employee interests with those of share - actuaries, investment services and investment managers), holders.

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  • Research by such luminaries as the National Bureau of Economic Research and academics has shown that ESOP companies are more successful than comparable conventional companies, that employees in ESOPs have 2.5 times the retirement assets of comparable employees, and that the particular kind of ESOP used in the Tribune deal actually provide a net tax gain to the federal government.

    Zell's Deal May Now Smell, but ESOPs Are Legitimate

  • It does so first by demonstrating how the Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or "ESOP," in effect replicates our home and education spreading programs in piecemeal fashion.

    Hockett on What Kinds of Stock Ownership Plans Should There be? Of ESOPs, Other SOPs and Ownership Societies

  • "ESOP" intends to purchase an aggregate of 150,991 shares, or 4.63% of the common stock sold in the offering.

    Alliance Bancorp, Inc. of Pennsylvania Announces Completion of Second Step Conversion and $32.6 Million Public Offering - Yahoo! Finance

  • NJ 08855 Common American Standard Employee Stock 11,316,070 5.36 Ownership Plan (the '' ESOP '') (2) c / o American Standard Inc. One Centennial Avenue Piscataway, NJ 08855 (1) In an amended Schedule 13G dated February 11, 2005, CGII, the parent holding company of a group of investment companies including Capital Guardian Trust Company ( '' CGTC ''), located at 1110

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