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  • extraverted, sensing, thinking and judging: a personality type in the Myers-Briggs type indicator


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  • The next group of natural roles could fit you no matter what your personality type but is especially common in people with a sensor-thinker (ST) personality (ESTJ, ISTJ, ESTP, and ISTP).

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  • My e r s Br i g g s Te s t Re s u l t s  Your type is: ESTJ  Extroverted (E) 66. 67\%

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  • However, I know of a couple people here who I'd venture to guess are ESTJ and ISTP, and the emphasized characteristics on this site are the middle two, which describe how a person perceives the information they get from the world around them.

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  • The more careful, methodical, step-by-step, linear thinkers are best suited for QA, and most often we find the Guardian-Supervisor (ESTJ) and the Guardian-Inspector (ISTJ) in this role.

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  • According to Typealyzer, Blog till you Drop! falls into the Doers Category, ESTJ type News

  • When I entered her site address on Typealyzer, the return was "ESTJ The Guardians".


  • Candidates' Meyers-Briggs types: Clinton ESTJ, Obama ENFP, McCain ESTP

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  • Introverted (I) 33. 33\% Sensing (S) 55. 56\% Intuitive (N) 44. 44\% Thinking (T) 53. 33\% Feeling (F) 46. 67\% Judging (J) 55. 88\% Perceiving (P) 44. 12\%  ESTJ - \ "Administrator\".

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  • Fahad: "ESTJ - The Guardians The organizing and efficient type.



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