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  • extra virgin olive oil


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  • Plus yes, EVOO is the one to use despite what folks say.

    Olive Oil Baking | Baking Bites

  • I had some left over angel hair pasta sauteed in EVOO and garlic with some microwaved day old pizza for breakfast too.

    Breakfast at Esteban's house...March 18

  • My lasagna sauce smells pretty darn good, I used two packages of Lamberti’s sausage, and a nice beef shank pan-fried in EVOO and three cloves of garlic.

    A little less conversation… « Dating Jesus

  • EVOO, a.k.a. extra virgin olive oil, gets its title not because there is more oil in the bottle, rather, EVOO is in the least processed form and is the least acidic of the olive oils.

  • She began winning audiences with catch phrases like "EVOO" for extra-virgin olive oil on her first Food Network show, 30 Minute Meals, in 2001.

    Ten Top-Earning Celebrity Chefs

  • Since when is drowning everything in "EVOO", smothering foods in chicken stock, and putting any crap she can find from her fridge into a hamburger "healthy"?

    Rachel Ray - A Legend or a Hype?

  • Maybe you could be the next Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray, except without the annoying "EVOO" and "delish!" or the nasty "Mommy Dearest"/"Fatal Attraction" vibe.

    Fearless Foursome

  • I saw it in this month's issue of Every Day with Rachel Ray what? the use of "EVOO" and "yum" is significantly reduced in print, so it's ok.

    who the hell cooks in this heat?

  • Sidenote to Rachael if she's reading this: No one else in the cooking world says "EVOO" when referring to Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so STOP CALLING IT THAT.

    You Say It's Your Birthday...

  • Rachael Ray nearly redeems herself from forcing us to become aware of the term "EVOO": | news


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