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  • n. a geographical area in eastern Africa


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  • Narrative of a Journey to Mecca (1855), First Footprints in East Africa (1856), Lake Regions of Equatorial

    A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature

  • In September 1892, he suggested a compromise: Pending a final decision, the government should temporarily subsidize the East Africa Company’s operations in Uganda, while a commissioner went there to ascertain the situation.

    Three Empires on the Nile

  • (md´´gs´cär) Madagascar, officially Democratic Republic of Madagascar, republic (1995 est. pop. 13,862,000), 226,658 sq. mi. (587,045 sq. km.), in the Indian Ocean, separated from East Africa by the Mozambique Channel.

    Your Disgusting Head

  • He had two tours of duty with the German East Africa Cruiser Squadron; during the first of these, he befriended Lieutenant Henning von Holtzendorff and, a few years later, he served under Holtzendorff in the cruiser Prinzess Wilhelm on a voyage to the Far East.

    Castles of Steel

  • When these memoirs appeared, however, Germany's colonial ambitions were newly fledged; the British East Africa Protectorate (which includes Zanzibar) was still forming; the French had only recently withdrawn from the joint control of Egypt and Lord Cromer's sway was but just beginning; Zulu-land was an independent monarchy; the Transvaal and the Orange Free State were recognised as republics; Italian troops were yet to be severely defeated by Abyssinian blackamoors; nobody imagined that Great Britain must one day put forth all her strength to subdue fifty thousand Dutch peasants; a "Cape-to-Cairo" railway was unthought of.

    Memoirs of an Arabian Princess

  • By midafternoon, they had anchored in Messina harbor, where the German East Africa Line passenger steamer General, bound for Dar es Salaam, and a number of other German merchant ships awaited them.

    Castles of Steel

  • Portuguese East Africa extends from Cape Delgado (10° 41 '

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 10: Mass Music-Newman

  • Britain could push north from South Africa into the unclaimed area known as “Zambezia”; negotiate a path through German East Africa to Lake Victoria and the sources of the Nile; and link up with a second drive up the Nile Valley toward Equatoria.

    Three Empires on the Nile


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