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  • adj. Of a region designated as the East by convention or from the perspective of the speaker or author.
  • adj. Of the Christian churches originating in the church of the Eastern Roman Empire.
  • adj. Eastern Orthodox.


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  • (PRAYERS OF EASTERN CHURCHES, IN LATIN) AMANPOUR: You've just heard the prayer of the Eastern Catholic Churches, with the metropolitans and the archbishops singing that distinctly Eastern tone.

    CNN Transcript Apr 8, 2005

  • Tomorrow noon eastern the president will be sworn in for a second term of office at 12 noon exactly, 12 noon Eastern, as mandated by the U.S. Constitution.

    CNN Transcript Jan 19, 2005

  • High pressure building now into the eastern United States behind a really rare midsummer cold front that's pushed all the way down into Florida and pushed off the Eastern seaboard.

    CNN Transcript Aug 7, 2004

  • Mbizana, in eastern Mpondoland in what was is now the Eastern

    ANC Today

  • October 1917 in Mbizana, in eastern Mpondoland in what was is now the Eastern

    ANC Today

  • Zastron in the eastern Free State and Cradock in the Eastern

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Isolated falls are forecast in the eastern half of the Eastern

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • (Moderated) soc. religion.eastern Discussions of Eastern religions.

    List of Currently Active USENET Newsgroups (Part 2)

  • But on the eastern flank of the kingdom the rich and crowded plains of India invited the conqueror with promises of endless spoils and revenues; while on the west a new continent, full of unknown mysteries, presented virgin fields never yet traversed by the army of an Eastern despot.

    General History for Colleges and High Schools

  • Alexander continued his march eastward until he reached the Hyph'asis, the most eastern tributary of the Indus, when his troops, seeing no end of their toils, refused to follow him farther, and he was reluctantly forced to abandon the career of conquest, which he had marked out for himself, to the Eastern ocean.

    Mosaics of Grecian History


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