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  • n. Alternative capitalization of easterner


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  • When he saw Bard scramble up the opposite bank he knew that his game was lost and all the tables reversed, for the Easterner was a full two hours closer to the home of Drew than he was, with the necessary detour up to the ford.


  • Then, unknown to Bartley, Scott hunted up the town marshal and told him that the Easterner was a friend of his.

    Partners of Chance

  • But callin me an 'Easterner' ... thats jest plain cold ...

    Open Ramblin'

  • It was not race -- if indeed any races can still be distinguished in European blood save broad and confused appearances, such as Easterner and Westerner, short and tall, dark and fair.

    Europe and the Faith "Sine auctoritate nulla vita"

  • Now, seriously, Esperanza my long-time friend, speaking to an Alabama boy about culture and then using music as an example without mentioning George Jones is akin to talkin about cello artistry to some affectatious Down Easterner without mentioning Yo Yo Ma.

    Morelia and more!!

  • His column asserted that Iraq remains a source of inspiration for Libyans and others: "to the Middle Easterner, Iraq today is the only functioning Arab democracy," he wrote.

    Libya, Krauthammer and the shadow of Iraq

  • Real Jesus was a black man (or at least a dark-skinned Middle Easterner).

    Think Progress » Tea Party organizer says she didn’t really want to kill lawmaker: ‘Nobody had a rope to hang Patty Murray.’

  • Old Easterner: And remember the words of our AG, Martha Coakley (who who did not become US Senator), speaking, iirc, of a shopkeeper who thwarted a robbery: “We ... we really try and discourage people from selfhelp.”

    The Volokh Conspiracy » What is a zoobow?

  • Old Easterner says: is it just me or do the framers of that statute clearly have noidea

    The Volokh Conspiracy » What is a zoobow?

  • But then I started tripping across pieces of his story and his legacy in travels all over the country, although mostly in the areas that, as a born - and - bred Easterner, I think of as America's "better half": the Southwest and the Midwest (which was originally the West, or at least the western frontier).

    'Appetite for America'


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