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  • adj. Resembling the Biblical Garden of Eden or some aspect of it; beautiful and peaceful.


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Eden +‎ -like


  • Once upon a slime there was an Edenlike place that existed in outerspace all by itself.

    An Essay on People who Behave in a Slimy Manner

  • The ring of glacier-topped peaks and frozen wilderness surrounded the Edenlike jungle below them with its self-contained warmth.

    Blood Lite II: Overbite

  • Will was loved for his vivid colors, the creation colors of the Edenlike islands, including the urinous mango-juice yellow, green from crushed hibiscus leaves, dusty purple from wild plum trees on Java, and a peculiar russet in his _Country Road_, _Kamuela_ was a pigment of red clay he had scraped from the very earth he had depicted.


  • Edenlike peace and loveliness, the stalwart strength of the two brothers in their rusty working clothes, and the long coffin on their shoulders.

    Adam Bede

  • And here, more than elsewhere, the sight of this sovereign desert rising up before us is startling and thrilling, so high up it seems, and we so low in the Edenlike valley shaded by the palms.

    Egypt (La Mort de Philae)

  • The new world, purged from sin and sorrow, would rise before her with more than Edenlike loveliness.

    Barriers Burned Away

  • Nineteenth century pioneers were drawn to its Edenlike reputation.

    Dishpan Dribble

  • He looked ahead, saw a luminescent wall of interwoven clusters of exquisite scarlet and saffron flowers, and the only reason he didn’t think he was on some Edenlike world was that a few dozen meters beyond the vegetation, a soaring, curved, transparent wall swept overhead to show the stars, and the Enterprise, hanging only a kilometer distant.

    Captain’s Peril

  • "Let us sing of the soft, folded beauty of the Alleghenies; of rivers roaring with primeval discontent and streams crystal-clear (save those running red from wounded hills); of Edenlike forests in Monongahela's million acres; of Ohio's fertile valley, placid and hill-bordered, where once 'warwhoop and savage scream echoed wild from rock and hill'; of clean-trimmed rolling landscapes of Eastern Panhandle, famed for history and old houses; of lovely pastoral valleys of the South Branch,

    Blue Ridge Country

  • "Every name seems to have a pretty meaning in your Edenlike

    Fil and Filippa Story of Child Life in the Philippines


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