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  • proper n. A female given name.


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Old English ēad + gȳð ("war, strife, battle"). Name of a 10th century English saint.


  • His wife, Edith, is in the midst of a mental crisis and cannot bear the idea of going a single week without having her husband at her side.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • Also, he found great satisfaction in Edith's reading to him from the Bible.


  • Edith is nearing break-down but begins to reason a solution: "It came to her that the law was nothing more than the judgment and will of any group of people" and if a thousand could constitute such a group, why not a hundred, or fifty, or five — or two?

    “I ain't never goin' to work again. . . . I'm plum tired out.”

  • I'm mad keen to get back to the US women writers and Edith is the perfect way in.

    52 entries from February 2007

  • Thus began an Edith-fest of biographies, letters and journals that took me into the winter months and of course those of us who have dabbled in Edith Wharton's life and books will be anticipating Hermoine Lee's forthcoming biography with much interest.

    52 entries from July 2006

  • She was a divorced woman who had returned to her maiden name but insisted I call her Edith, even when I was only six or seven years old.


  • 'Edan McGrath himself called Edith and asked her to do it,' Doug said after the three-second lag.


  • But in the end he called Edith and Mrs. Boyd, and was rather touched to find Edith offering to share her upper bedroom.

    A Poor Wise Man

  • I says, 'Do ye think Edith is gettin' ready to be married? 'and says he, real solemn like – I thought for sure he was goin' to tell me somethin '– says he, Mrs. Steadman, I believe every girl is gittin' ready for her weddin 'sometime.

    The Second Chance

  • Except in the matter of Christmas gifts, Edith is the sanest woman I know; I recognized it at the dinner table, where she had the little girl across from her planning her mourning hats before the dinner was half finished.

    The Window at the White Cat


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