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  • n. King of England from 1272 to 1307; conquered Wales (1239-1307)


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  • Robert Kilwardby resigned the See of Canterbury, Edward I requested

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  • It certainly represents the royal mantle which was originally a four - square garment fastened with a clasp over the right shoulder, such as is seen to recur several times in the carvings of the ivory book-cover of Queen Melisende now in the British Museum; such also as was found vesting the body of Edward I when his tomb was opened in

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  • As archbishop-elect he, together with other nobles and prelates, proclaimed Edward I as King of England on the death of Henry III, and appointed a regency to govern the kingdom till the new king returned from the Crusades.

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  • Certain of the economic evils had been dealt with by a Statute of Edward I (35 Edward I, St. 1, c.

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  • The accounts of the La Fytes, two scholars whose expenses were paid by Edward I himself, contain records of the purchase of two copies of only the Institutions of Quintilian (c.

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  • But the "Statute of Provisors" recites that the evils complained of in the petition leading to this Statute of Edward I still continue, and "that our holy father, the Pope" (Notre seinte piere le Pape), still reserves to his collation benefices in England, giving them to aliens and denizens and taking first fruits and other profits, the purchasers of benefices taking out of the kingdom a great part of its treasure.

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  • The text of a licence of Edward I himself has been preserved, permitting a certain person to give a parcel of land to a certain prior and convent to be held sibi et successoribus suis in perpetuum, but subject to the due and accustomed services to the capitalibus dominis fœdi, illius (Year Books of the reign of King Edward I, years

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