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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of Egyptianize.


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  • It was the expertise of the Hyksos with war chariots and horse teams that led to the defeat of part of the Egyptian empire and the rule of Egyptianized Hyksos kings for about 200 years, starting around 1650 BCE.

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  • While this would not prove to be the most famous fad of the 1920s, for the rest of the decade the country was possessed of a seemingly insatiable yen for “the bizarre and unique effect of barbaric magnificence” such as was promised at the 1927 opening of an Egyptianized movie temple in Boise, Idaho.

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  • The sunny, arid climate in California proved particularly hospitable to the flat roofs and open courtyards of Egyptianized architecture — note the concurrent fad in 1920s Los Angeles for apartment courts and terraces named after Ramses and Osiris — and that state alone would see Egyptian theaters rise in San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Pasadena, Oakland, Bakersfield, and Glendale.

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  • Were fans of the trend so inclined, they could also buy Egyptianized plates, lamps, handbags, cigarette cases, hood ornaments (these came equipped with a Stutz automobile), and pretty much anything else upon which manufacturers could stamp a scarab or lotus.

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  • First, too many translations now are Egyptianized, and in a way it's a shame. TRANSLATION EXCHANGE.

  • Living in the buffer zone between these two central powers must not have been an easy, but the C-Group people tenaciously clung to their distinct cultural identity for nearly 800 years, well into the Egyptian 18th Dynasty, when they disappear or become so Egyptianized that their burials are no long distinguishable.

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  • The army was reorganized and strengthened with large contingents of Greek mercenaries, the Libyans having lost their efficiency in becoming Egyptianized.

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  • May it not have been -- as Sicily was to be -- a mainly European country under Egyptian influence, and a seat of Egyptianized culture?

    The Crest-Wave of Evolution A Course of Lectures in History, Given to the Graduates' Class in the Raja-Yoga College, Point Loma, in the College-Year 1918-19

  • Egyptianized, when, on the establishment of the Sheshonk dynasty in

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  • After some of the artifacts had been displayed in the Louvre in Paris, the art deco design movement became thoroughly Egyptianized, and took over high fashion in London and New York.

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