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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the subfamily Mustelinae — the tayra.


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  • You call her Eira but her registered name with titles is "Grand Champion and Champion Steele Your Heart"?

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  • But now Eira (aptly, the Welsh word for snow) has discovered a second major diamond field, this time in Quebec in what used to be known as Cree "indian territory".

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  • Boots on, head off into the Brecon Beacons (breconbeacons. org) to Sgwd yr Eira, a wide waterfall formed where the Afon Hepste river leaps over a 12m bank.

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  • “Mab and Eira Snow grew up together,” Slater continued.


  • Mab wanted to kill the mother, Eira Snow, ever since they were kids.


  • She looked exactly the same as she did in a photo I had of her and exactly like my memories of our mother, Eira Snow.


  • For a moment I was thirteen again, weeping, wailing, and staring down at the ashy, flaky ruined thing that had been my mother, Eira, before Mab Monroe had used her elemental Fire to burn her to death, and at the matching husk that had been my older sister, Annabella.


  • Other mammals include Central American tapir Tapirus bardii (V), Caribbean manatee Trichechus manatus (V), spider monkey Ateles geoffroyi (V), howler monkey Alouatta villosa, kinkajou Potos flavus, white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus, red brocket Mazama americana, peccaries Tayassu pecari and T. tajacu, paca Agouti paca, tayra Eira barbara and collared anteater Tamandua tetradactyla.

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  • I know about 1,200 words for reindeer -- we classify them by age, sex, color, antlers, said Nils Isak Eira, who manages a herd of 2,000 reindeer in north Norway.

    As ice thaws, critical analysis of soundbites dwindles

  • I know just one word for elk -- 'sarvva', said 50-year-old Eira.

    As ice thaws, critical analysis of soundbites dwindles


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