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  • A country of Central America bordering on the Pacific Ocean. Conquered by Spain in 1524, the region gained its independence in 1821, joined (1825–1838) a federation of Central American states, and became a separate republic in 1839. The country was ruled by a series of military governments from 1931 to 1979 and was embroiled in a civil war from 1980 to 1992. San Salvador is the capital and the largest city.

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  • proper noun A country in Central America. Official name: Republic of El Salvador. Capital: San Salvador.

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  • noun a republic on the Pacific coast of Central America


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From Spanish El Salvador ("The Saviour").


  • That’s good, Nate encouraged, even though Los Cuscatlecos was the name of El Salvador’s national soccer team and half the male population wore caps with its logo.

    Risk No Secrets

  • Exposing your kids to other cultures– especially a place like El Salvador, which is so different, and which sends so many immigrants to the US– is a wonderful thing, something I wish I had more of in my childhood.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Bleg–San Salvador, El Salvador:

  • ARDUINO: And I'm happy that you connect the two of them, because there were some misconceptions about them and that -- because there were indications that Ida had caused these problems in El Salvador, which is not the case.

    CNN Transcript Nov 9, 2009

  • Maria was born in March 1990 in San Miguel, El Salvador, which is the country's fourth-largest city, boasting about 218,000 people.

    Daily News-Record

  • Four players are from El Salvador, which is the largest representation from any country.


  • The consequences of our lack of interest in international labor standards can be seen, right here in Los Angeles, in the torture survivors who come here from places such as El Salvador, where in the 1980s the American-supported right-wing regime persecuted union leaders who later were granted asylum in this country.

    Julie B. Gutman: Dying for a Living: As Global Economic Crisis Continues, Union Activists in Many Countries Pay the Ultimate Price

  • Projections call for countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua to double their populations every 20 years, and many of those people will inevitably find their way to the United States.

    A Taboo that will Kill America's Future!

  • So the "El Salvador" model is one idea that's come to them: get the country to the "point" where it's like El Salvador was, put in a poop-load of Special Forces types, weapons, and turn a blind eye to the ultra-violence, and - assuming your real adversary, the "Soviets" go belly up in 10 years, voila!

    Yes, the Republicans are pro-death squads...still

  • That group joined the United States, China and others such as El Salvador,


  • You see, starting in the 60's Smith was involved in speculative trading during tumultuous times in lots of out-of-the way economies, such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Vietnam, Nigeria,

    Genuine Curiosity by Dwayne Melancon


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