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  • proper n. A male given name: alternative form of Eliezer.


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  • All the children born were males, and they were named "Elazar" after him.

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  • According to others, R 'Shimon Bar Yochai, R' Elazar's father, appeared to the sages in a dream and said, "There is a young pigeon among you and you and you are neglecting to bring it to me."

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  • In the meantime, a storm had arisen at sea and a boat coming from R 'Elazar's town was in danger of sinking.

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  • A neighbor once said to R 'Elazar's wife during a quarrel: "Let her be like her husband, who was not worthy of burial!"

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  • On Erev Yom Kippur, when the townspeople were busy, the sages hired some men from the neighboring village of Biri to remove R 'Elazar's body.

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  • The unvarnished truth about so-called “retaliatory” air raids by the Israeli Air Force had been candidly admitted by General David Elazar when he admitted that the purpose of the raids was simply “to make life unbearable” for Palestinians.

    Matthew Yglesias » J Street’s Response to Eric Yoffe

  • Lucille continued talking about the settlements and scrolling down her list—Dolev, Doran, Efrat, Elazar—but David was too agitated to pay attention.

    The Omega Theory

  • Rabbi Elazar Menachem Man Shach, the undisputed spiritual and political leader of Lithuanian haredi Jewry at the time, supported the creation of Yated along with the establishment of Degel Hatorah, a political party that represents non-hassidic Ashkenazi interests.

    implications for overseas support?

  • Rabbi Elazar concludes from the story: “Come and see the disaster that can come from embarrassment, for God helped Bar-Kamtza and destroyed his Temple and burned his Sanctuary.”

    The Ten Commandments

  • Mindful of this, Rabbi Elazar made a point of eating every available type of permitted food at least once a year.

    The Ten Commandments


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