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  • An ancient Greek colony of southern Italy near the Gulf of Salerno. Reputedly founded by Xenophanes, it was the center of the Eleatic school of philosophy.


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  • Parmenides of Elea postulated that moonlight is reflected sunlight.

    Daniel Bruno Sanz: Bad Moon, Burnt Qurans, Birthers and Flat Earthers

  • Although we fight, we have a lot in common with this community -- there are intermarriages, we are in marginalized areas, we have the same religion, Elea said.

    Northern Kenyans Find Ways to Ease Impact of Drought

  • The Parmenides purports to be an account of a meeting between the two great philosophers of the Eleatic school, Parmenides and Zeno of Elea, and a young Socrates.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • The first half of the trip wasnt bad, a straight stretch following the cities along the coastKyrenia, Aylos, Elea, Incesu, Alsancuk, Karsiyaka.

    Gold of Kings

  • Her name came to me as Elea or Ellie, so combining with her original name, we called her Ellyetta.

    When Animals Speak

  • The name of the effect is a reference to the famous paradoxes of the Greek philosopher Zeno of Elea, who lived in the fifth century B.C.E. There are several different versions of the paradoxes, but all of them purport to show that motion is impossible.

    How to Teach Physics to Your Dog

  • Too brief to admit of close analysis, this looks like a descendant of Zeno's Arrow paradox (see Zeno of Elea 2.2.3).

    Diodorus Cronus

  • When the doctrines he wishes to present systematically become primarily metaphysical, he turns to a visitor from Elea (Sophist, Statesman); when they become cosmological, he turns to Timaeus; when they become constitutional, he turns, in Laws, to a visitor from Athens (and he then eliminates Socrates entirely).


  • VHeadline commentarist, University of The Andees (ULA) Political Sciences Professor, Franz J.T. Lee writes: A hypothesis first argued by Parmenides (540-470 BC) of Elea (present day Italy), who as we know had a profound influence on Platonic idealist philosophy, and therewith on Christianity, has caused across the last millennia a cancerous intellectual and time barrier in the realm of real, creative emancipatory endeavors.

    Venezuela: The Bolivarian revolution, the struggle to establish socialism on a world scale, is a gigantic task!

  • * Not to be confused with the Zeno of Elea, the mathematician who left his name to a series of paradoxes.

    The Great Experiment


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