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  • proper noun biblical One of several minor characters in the Old Testament,including the father of Samuel.
  • proper noun rare A male given name of Biblical origin.


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Hebrew אֶלְקָנָה "God has created".


  • "Because 'Elkanah's similes are the most unlike things to what they are compared in the world,' I'll venture to start a simile in his Annus

    Lives of the Poets, Volume 1

  • Her husband, Elkanah had another wife Peninnah, who had children.

    Fervency in prayer

  • The midrash thus likens the narrative of Elkanah and Hannah with the narratives of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs (Sarah and Hagar, Rachel and Bilhah), in which the beloved wife, who is barren, initiates the taking of an additional wife in order to produce offspring.

    Peninnah: Midrash and Aggadah.

  • Elkanah and Hannah receive the blessings of Eli the priest, who prophesies that she will have other children because of her vow to YHWH.

    Hannah: Bible.

  • Yet another midrash depicts that when they would sit to eat in Shiloh and Elkanah was apportioning the offering among his sons, Peninnah would tell her husband: “Give to this son of mine his portion,” “To this son of mine you did not give his portion,” all in order to anger Hannah (Pesikta Rabbati loc. cit.).

    Peninnah: Midrash and Aggadah.

  • When she weeps and does not eat, Elkanah tries to assuage her misery with a series of “Why” questions, concluding with “Am I not more to you than ten sons?”

    Hannah: Bible.

  • She initiates the dialogue and establishes the conditions under which she will resume travel (when the boy has been weaned), and Elkanah offers a mere confirmation of her words.

    Hannah: Bible.

  • It opens obliquely with the introduction of her husband, Elkanah, who is identified by name, location, and extensive genealogy.

    Hannah: Bible.

  • Her husband Elkanah comforts her by claiming that he alone is far more valuable to Hannah than even ten sons.

    Abraham Geiger.

  • (Judenthum, 46) Elkanah is, for Geiger, the devoted husband who requires only domestic bliss from his wife.

    Abraham Geiger.


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