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  • Today Daniel Ellsberg is in Miami for the Book Fair, and is talking about how the Tonkin Gulf Resolution got passed, and its relevance in the current situation.

    Behind the News

  • And the left pooh-poohed us back then when we called Ellsberg a commie ba$t@rd! and this surprises us how???

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  • Camerer’s experiment revolved around a decision making game known as the Ellsberg paradox.

    How the brain handles uncertainty

  • Unfortunately, I don’t think the mainstream media is going to be as accomodating as they were in Ellsberg’s day.

    Think Progress » NSA Blocking Whistleblower From Telling Committee About Shocking, Illegal Activities

  • In 1971, it was Henry Kissinger who called Ellsberg "the most dangerous man in America."

    Jeff Cohen: WikiLeaks: Time to Celebrate, Time to Mourn

  • And Nixon believed that Ellsberg had incriminating documents on his own lies, which led Henry Kissinger to call Ellsberg "the most dangerous man in America."

    Dangerous People Needed

  • Nixon called Ellsberg "the most dangerous man in America" and said he was "providing aid and comfort to the enemy".

    The Guardian World News

  • One big corner of that overall 9/11 picture is formed by four disparate-seeming individuals: a veteran whistleblower, an attractive novice whistleblower, a campaigning journalist and a reputed lingerie model; jigsaw peices called Ellsberg, Edmonds, Hopsicker and Keller.

  • This psychological fact -- which is known as the Ellsberg paradox -- partly explains why Wall Street would take a certain loss in return for the false sense of security CDSs on T-bills provide. The Motley Fool

  • Interview by Paul Jay, The Real News, with Daniel Ellsberg, writer of The Pentagon Papers on the Vietnam War. titled Ellsberg: From Vietnam to Afghanistan this 'Must See'

    OpEdNews - Diary: Ellsberg Feels We Will Never Win in Afghanistan


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