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  • adj. of or pertaining to Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 -1882), American essayist, philosopher, and poet, or his writings, work or style


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Emerson +‎ -ian


  • The sermon is in no sense "Emersonian" except in its directness, its sweet temper, and outspoken honesty.

    Complete Project Gutenberg Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Works

  • "If the force of Emerson's character was thus inextricably blended with the force of all his faculties of intellect and imagination, and the refinement of all his sentiments, we have still to account for the peculiarities of his genius, and to answer the question, why do we instinctively apply the epithet 'Emersonian' to every characteristic passage in his writings?

    Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • The Performing Self, The Renewal of Literature: Emersonian Reflections, and Poetry and Pragmatism are not far behind in their substantive contributions to an understanding of what is unique about American literature.


  • Most certainly, overambition was a near epidemic among the American writers who grew up in the shadow of the absurdly competitive Ernest Hemingway, but you still see traces among more contemporary authors — look at Union Atlantic, the new novel by Adam Haslett, who has tried to cram a bank collapse, the first Gulf War, and a good dose of Emersonian thought between the covers of one book.

    Is the Great American Novel Destroying Novelists?

  • Some in work clothes, some in traditional robes, they all glow with calmly Emersonian self-reliance.

    Ghana Speaking (II): Village Living in Kwabeng

  • When he reads his six compact lines on "Falls, Bristol, VT," you'll see the poet playing waterfall, having fun with his Emersonian "self."

    Christopher Lydon: Poet-Critic Dan Chiasson, the Natural (AUDIO)

  • But before that kind of cultural, subversive, Emersonian infiltration happens in this century, there's still the weird American poetry culture to confront as it relates both to itself and to larger demographic trends.

    Why Aren't Poets More Politically Active?

  • It has been stock ad messaging for automakers to invite us to imagine that when we buy one of their vehicles we buy an explorer's lifestyle -- not exactly one of Emersonian retreats but at least of more getaways with the family -- as the dad in one Toyota Sequoia ad put it, to venture "out into nature and make sure we expose ourselves and our children to, um, oxygen."

    Catherine Lutz: From Upstream to Downtown: Car Ads Head to the City

  • He was a liberal romantic who opened up the American mind to the full blaze of Emersonian optimism.

    The Chosen Peoples

  • It helped to shape the Emersonian world-view, which gave rise to process philosophy and American pragmatism, as well as to a literary tradition so pervasive that Yale's Harold Bloom called the Sage of Concord "the mind of America."

    Philip Goldberg: Obama Should Have Thanked India


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