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  • proper noun A taxonomic superorder within the infraclass Neoptera — various winged insects. In particular the Endopterygota are insects that have a so-called "complete metamorphosis", for which reason they also are called the "Holometabola". The typical metamorphosis comprises a life cycle of: egg -- larva -- pupa -- adult or imago. Contrast this with the Exopterygota and Apterygota.


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  • A. Lameere has indeed, while admitting the adaptive character of insect larvae generally, argued (1899) with much ingenuity that the eruciform or vermiform type must have been primitive among the Endopterygota, believing that the original environment of the larvae of the ancestral stock of all these insects must have been the interior of plant tissues.

    The Life-Story of Insects

  • _Endopterygota_, applied to all the orders of insects with hidden wing-rudiments (the 'Metabola' or 'Holometabola' of most classifications) and _Exopterygota_, including all those insects whose wing-rudiments are visible throughout growth ( 'Hemimetabola' and

    The Life-Story of Insects


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