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  • n. Plural form of Epicurean.


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  • By these three women may be understood the three sects of the active life, that is, the Epicureans, the Stoics, and the Peripatetics, who go to the tomb, that is, to the present life, which is a receptacle of things corruptible, and seek the

    Among My Books Second Series

  • Epicouraiyim: Christians, as below, the "Epicureans," for so the rabbis of the East call us in the West -- properly,

    Lavengro The Scholar, the Gypsy, the Priest

  • And this the Sadducees, who were a kind of Epicureans among the Jews, were sensible of; and, therefore, as they said that there was no resurrection, and no future state after this life, so they denied that there was either angel or spirit, as the apostle tells us.

    The Works of Dr. John Tillotson, Late Archbishop of Canterbury. Vol. 08.

  • They are a kind of Epicureans or Quietists, teaching that happiness consists in a calm which suspends all the operations of the soul: they are much addicted to alchymy, boasting to have discovered an elixir that will render them immortal: they are also great pretenders to magic, and a familiar intercourse with demons.

    Hau Kiou Choaan

  • "My father did not forbid our continuing this pastime, but strictly prohibited our calling ourselves 'Epicureans' outside of the garden, for this noble name had since gained among the people a significance wholly alien.

    Cleopatra — Volume 02

  • Epicureans of both good food and artful design will do well to make it their coffee table's main course.

    Nice Spreads

  • Epicureans thought that gods existed, or that they could exist, but they did not believe that any gods could, by the nature of being a god, give the slightest damn about what we humans did, or what happened to us.

    Frank Gruber: Akedism: For Those Who Don't Care If God Exists

  • This theology resonated with me in a peculiar way, because my view about the existence of God is the mirror image: the Epicureans say God doesn't care whether we exist, while I don't care whether God exists.

    Frank Gruber: Akedism: For Those Who Don't Care If God Exists

  • For the Epicureans, there could be neither divine judgment nor an afterlife.

    Frank Gruber: Akedism: For Those Who Don't Care If God Exists

  • A few years ago, Kenneth Minogue of the London School of Economics wrote that ours is the age of “the new Epicureans” in which the “freedom to choose” trumps all.

    ProWomanProLife » 2009 » August


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