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  • But that all that we call "being" is motion: and that all motion is the expression, not of equilibrium, but of equilibrating, or of equilibrium unattained: that life-motions are expressions of equilibrium unattained: that all thought relates to the unattained: that to have what is called being in our quasi-state, is not to be in the positive sense, or is to be intermediate to Equilibrium and Inequilibrium.

    The Book of the Damned

  • "Equilibrium" is a dystopian future where the government uses mandatory drugs to dampen strong emotion so that people can't do bad things to each other any more.

    ccfinlay: Equilibrium

  • "Equilibrium" is more impressive because it seems to have been made on a budget comparable to the money you'd find from rooting under the cushions of your sofa for loose change.

    ccfinlay: Equilibrium

  • The interesting thing about Equilibrium is this medication doesn't just target emotions, it targets the senses.

    Movie Review: Equilibrium

  • It is the same idea in Equilibrium, one man who feels emotion must be eliminated because the rest of the world will know what it's like to be human.

    Movie Review: Equilibrium

  • Equilibrium is crucial: Equilibrium is so finely tuned in a horse that it needs all four legs for long-term survival. - Surgery complete, Barbaro and his sport wait

  • Equilibrium is reached when these surpluses have been exhausted.

    The Prize in Economics 1988 - Press Release

  • For its projections, LMM took into account job growth and unemployment rates, population growth, sales and rental prices, and something called "Equilibrium Home Price," which is a gauge of where the average home price should realistically lie based on economic data versus where it actually is. News

  • Equilibrium occurs when molecules of one substance are evenly spread through out another substance

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  • Thats the first thought i had "Equilibrium" was an awesome movie. zoey so because its 3d they have to ALWAYS throw/shoot/crash/fly stuff right at the audience. its soo tired and repetitive and gimicky that as soon as i see that stuff, i know this movie has nothing inventive or creatively new to offer.

    Resident Evil: Afterlife Teaser Trailer | /Film


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