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  • An ancient city of Greece on the southern coast of Euboea. Founded as an Ionian colony, it was destroyed by the Persians in 490 B.C.


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  • Dru, a young holy warrior sent to Eretria on a mission that has been wiped from his mind after a brutal assassination attempt.

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  • The first Persian invasion was a response to Greek involvement in the Ionian Revolt, when Athens and Eretria had sent a force to support the cities of Ionia in their attempt to overthrow Persian rule.

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  • In response to this raid, the Persian king Darius I swore to have revenge on Athens and Eretria.

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  • In 1997, under pressure from Italian, Ethiopian, and British intellectuals, a treaty was signed in which Italy agreed once again to return the obelisk – but again they did nothing to further the process, citing the border war between Ethiopia and Eretria as the cause for non-conformance.

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  • The island is 0.75 miles off the town of Eretria, from which car ferries go to Oropos, on the mainland.

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  • Eretria ‎ was betrayed by the democrats, and the punishment meted out to that hapless city ‎ dissuaded even the Athenian democrats from following suit.

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  • For Oropos, facing Eretria, while held by the Athenians could not be other than

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  • No sooner had they arrived than they were constrained to fight; for Agesandridas, after his men had taken their midday meal, brought out his own ships from Oropus, which is distant by sea about seven miles from the city of Eretria, and bore down upon them.

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  • Those of them who took refuge in the city of Eretria, relying on the friendship of the inhabitants, fared worst, for they were butchered by them; but such as gained the fortified position which the Athenians held in the Eretrian territory escaped, and also the crews of the vessels which reached Chalcis.

    The History of the Peloponnesian War

  • Eretria; these ships, added to those which were at Euboea before, made up thirty-six.

    The History of the Peloponnesian War


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