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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • Eric the Red fl. tenth century. Norwegian navigator who explored and named Greenland and founded its first settlement (c. 985).


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  • History: Eric the Red was a Norse hero and explorer.

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  • They are cooler than the "Medieval Warm Period" about 1,000 years ago when Eric the Red and his Icelandic Viking tribe settled on grasslands of Greenland's southwestern coast, and much warmer than about 400 years ago when the Northern Hemisphere plunged into depths of a "Little Ice Age" not a true Ice Age.

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  • He was named after Eric the Red, a Viking explorer who settled Greenland around 980.

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  • So Eric the Red was a spin doctor as well as everything else?

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  • This is the time in our history that the ice caps melted in Greenland, Eric the Red and his family set up their home there for 300 years.

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  • Leif set out in the early summer of the year 1000 to carry the new religion to his father, Eric the Red, to his father's people, and to his neighbors.

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  • It contains the _Volospá_, the most famous of all the Northern mythical poems, the Sibyl's song of the doom of the gods; it contains also the _Landnámabók_, the history of the colonisation of Iceland; _Kristni Saga_, the history of the conversion to Christianity; the history of _Eric the Red_, and _Fóstbræðra Saga_, the story of the two sworn brethren, Thorgeir and Thormod the poet.

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  • "It is a bad omen," said Eric the Red, when his horse slipped and fell on the way to his ship, moored on the coast of Greenland, in readiness for a voyage of discovery.

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  • A children's book, The Falcon of Eric the Red, published in 1942, caught his eye and his imagination. rss feed

  • It was very much warmer 1,000 years ago when Eric the Red and his band of Icelandic Viking settlers raised livestock on Greenland's coastal grasslands. News


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