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  • proper n. A female given name.


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Spelling variant of Erica, the feminine form of Eric, or borrowed directly from modern Scandinavia, ultimately from Old Norse Eiríkr.


  • Erika is just another car-hating disciple of Cary Moon.

    Despite Decline in Driving, City Plans Assume 1 Percent Annual Traffic Growth « PubliCola

  • In her narrative episodes, Erika is driving her car (parked outside on Bergen Street in real life) through a mythical and hyperreal old West, along with her traveling companions Isabella and Laura Ingalls.

    July 2007

  • Erika is the only person who plays in another full-time band, another Brooklyn indie favorite, Dirty on Purpose.

    Music (For Robots): April 2005 Archives

  • On Saturday, the body found on the ship's deck on Jan. 28 was identified as Erika Soria Molina, 25, of Peru by Doris Sotomayor, Peru's consul general in Florence.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • Erika is stunned when family friend Henri Durrell shows her a diamond brooch in a Harrowby’s auction catalogue because they recognize the name and the picture as hers, lost, probably stolen, years ago.

    Where Memories Lie-Deborah Crombie « The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews

  • He had called Erika as soon as he had been deposited on the cold, dark sidewalk.

    The Forever Game

  • I ended up leaving and walking onto campus so that I could call Erika and have her let the dental office know since I was already 0.5 hrs late.

    Read It!

  • NAOMI KONOVICH, RELATIVE OF MISSING MAN: Andrew called Erika right after the first plane crashed and he said, I'm okay, I will call you back, and hung up the phone.

    CNN Transcript Sep 13, 2001

  • On Saturday, divers searching the submerged sixth floor deck found a 17th body, identified as Erika Soria Molina, a crew member from Peru. Top headlines

  • And then, one day in 1959, Posmysz was in Paris: And suddenly I heard a voice saying in German: 'Erika, come here, we have to go.'

    NPR Topics: News


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