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  • proper n. A male given name; popular in the 19th century.


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Borrowed in the 18th century from Ernst, a medieval royal name in Germany, from Old High German ernust "vigor, strife", only remotely related to modern German ernst or English earnest.


  • "Did you observe that Beaufort says your cousin Ernest is coming here?"

    The Semi-Attached Couple

  • CB Matt Ernest — Ernest is a converted wide receiver who saw limited time on the field during spring due to an elbow injury suffered as a pitcher for the IU baseball team, but when he was on the field, he showed good instincts in the secondary.

    Around the BigTen Conference

  • ` Ernest is a very remarkable young man, and I'd rather see you his wife than the wife of Rockefeller himself or the King of

    Chapter 11: The Great Adventure

  • ` Ernest is a very remarkable man, 'he said when he got back and while I was helping him off with his overcoat.

    Chapter 11: The Great Adventure

  • It was at the Philomath Club -- a wonderful night of battle, wherein Ernest bearded the masters in their lair.

    Chapter 5: The Philomaths

  • Lorian, granddaughter of Ernest, is the author of "Walking into the River," "Walk on Water" and "A World Turned Over."


  • Some niggling little things make this one not quite perfect: Of course Ernest is still alive with no visible means of support, of course the place is falling apart and of course SG-1 shows up just as a massive storm is about to destroy the building, thus removing all that knowledge from their grasp.

    Stargate SG-1 Watchathon - 'The Torment of Tantalus'

  • Ernest is the only Frankenstein to survive the novel.

    Ernest Frankenstein

  • According to label Ernest Jenning Record Co., "In Blank" will be available in April.

    New albums from Title Tracks, Vandaveer, Deleted Scenes

  • By the time I had seen the lawyer who had handled Jackson's case, and the two foremen and the superintendent at the mills who had testified, I began to feel that there was something after all in Ernest's contention.

    Chapter 3: Jackson's Arm


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