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  • n. Plural form of Esperantist.


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  • Although not as successful as it had been hoped, there are still perhaps one million Esperantists around the globe, including between 200 and 2000 children of enthusiastic Esperantists who have been taught Esperanto as a native language.

    The difference between radio and teaching ESL

  • She let it go on until it was enough, until her mockery was slaked, until the warring Esperantists had left him sufficiently bruised to satisfy her.

    What Happened to the Baby?

  • Corroboratory instances flickered, here and there, of black stockings and green lipstick: but no Esperantists.

    What Happened to the Baby?

  • A bunch of the old Esperantists used to show up, this was when Simon left, but then it stopped.

    What Happened to the Baby?

  • Which was how Simon fell in among the Esperantists.

    What Happened to the Baby?

  • I was reading about the Esperanto on the Wikipedia and noticed that the page on “native” Esperantists:

    Rambles at » Blog Archive » Noodling around with Chinese characters

  • Assuming Esperantists are for better international understanding, why do they persist using their private code in mixed company, deliberately excluding people, including I assume the host from their conversation? REPRESSIVE ESPERANTO.

  • Whether it is Esperantists who act like they are threatened in their language rights when they get criticised Michael Farris is not alone with his "last acceptable language prejuidice" or pressure groups who lobby to get Esperanto recognised as an official EU language and introduce mandatory Esperanto lessons in primary schools, while there are TRUE languages out there dying, taking whole cultures with them, that behaviour is what I consider a gotspe. REPRESSIVE ESPERANTO.

  • But, as has been pointed out, dedicated Esperantists have long had their own world view. REPRESSIVE ESPERANTO.

  • Esperantists use prevailably Esperanto in international contacts, not to suppress the national languages, but simply because it is the best functioning communication tool available. REPRESSIVE ESPERANTO.


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