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  • proper n. Alternative form of Estonia.


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  • The Communists proclaim a fair distribution of wealth, but they achieve an unfair distribution of poverty, because everybody in Esthonia is much poorer now than he ever was in capitalist Esthonia, with the exception, perhaps, of the Communist bosses.

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  • I should say in Esthonia at that time there were proportionately the same number of local Communists as there are now in Canada.

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  • In Esthonia, where the population is a little over 1 million, there were approximately 200,000 Red Army soldiers, plus tanks and ships and planes-it is a tremendous show of force that was exhibited in Esthonia in June, 1940.

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  • The result of one single year of Communist rule in Esthonia was that a little over 60,000 Esthonians were either killed directly or indirectly by way of starvation and mistreatment in slave labor camps.

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  • At the conclusion I would like to say there is also one pleasant fact about this Communist rule, -- to see how the local Communists fared, the traitors who took over power in Esthonia in 1940 and so assiduously helped to destroy the country.

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  • But this very attitude prevailed in Esthonia in 1940 when Communism made its first steps toward world conquest.

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  • [Footnote 136: Talking trees are common in Esthonian tales; I do not remember another instance of bleeding trees.] [Footnote 137: Else.] [Footnote 138: Pussy.] [Footnote 139: It must be remembered that the dominant race in Esthonia is German, and that the gentry, even if not fairies, would be expected to speak a language unintelligible to the people.

    The Hero of Esthonia and Other Studies in the Romantic Literature of That Country

  • In Esthonia, amongst the poor Sclavonian race of peasant slaves, they pay tributes to their lords, not under the name of duty work, duty geese, duty turkeys, etc., but under the name of

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  • “Latvia, Esthonia, Lithuania — all those Baltic states — in fact, the Baltic Sea itself —”

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  • I bought them at a fair in Revel which is the capital of a country they call Esthonia.

    The Road Leads On


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