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  • n. a historian or archaeologist who specializes in the Etruscans


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  • I found more odd gibberish from the Etruscologist Massimo Pallottino the other day.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • I specifically said: "I know I sound blasphemous about my questioning status quo as a non-Etruscologist but keep reading."

    How debate is done in the hive

  • Frankly, I would be unimpressed by any Etruscologist who couldn't at least partially read Rhaetic because the similarities are so glaring to me that there is no excuse to feign ignorance.

    More on Etruscan-Rhaetic relationship

  • Whenever an Etruscologist of any sort publishes anything about the Etruscan numeral system, it's a done deal that we will be told of those lovely ivory dice and how this somehow proves conclusively the proper order of the numerals.

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • The real reason for these bloody paintings can be read in Etruscan Myths 2006 by Etruscologist Larissa Bonfante and her British Museum curator sidekick named Judith Swaddling.

    The Etruscan afterlife is scary... only in Hollywood

  • Yet another hilarious Etruscologist goof-up that should never have been published.

    Liber Linteus and religious formulae, part 2

  • Cordially, Deb Huglin I'm an Etruscologist, too… took a break from it while it was not particularly popular for some reason. THE NEW SAPPHO.

  • And I may also recall as a noteworthy incident, that at this dinner Professor Milani, the great Etruscologist and head of the Archaeological Museum, congratulated me very much on having been the first and only person who ever discovered an old Etruscan word still living in the traditions of the people -- _i. e.


  • Etruscan Life and Afterlife: A Handbook of Etruscan Studies was edited by Larissa Bonfante, a foremost Etruscologist, in 1991 and published from the Wayne State University.

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • 1 Francesco De Angelis in summer 2006 edition of Etruscan News, a newsletter edited by respected Etruscologist Larissa Bonfante out of the University of Massuchussetts, refers to "Apollo Soranussic" which he says is "in the Faliscan territory, with its peculiar priests able to walk on hot coals".

    Archive 2007-09-01


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