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  • proper noun A taxonomic genus within the family Fringillidae.


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  • Fauna biodiversity is relatively unknown, but includes a few endemic subspecies such as the burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia tolimae), tropical bobwhite (Colinus cristatus leucotis), and euphonia (Euphonia concinna).

    Magdalena Valley dry forests

  • Very little is known about the biodiversity of this region; endemic species are: the burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia tolimae), the tropical bobwhite (Colinus cristatus leucotis), the euphonia Euphonia concinna, the tropical cottontail rabbit (Sylvilagus floridanus purgatus) and the national flower of Colombia, the Christmas orchid Cattleya trianaei.

    Magdalena Valley dry forests

  • "Euphonia," or the speaking machine, invented and exhibited by Professor Faber at the Egyptian Hall in 1846, was an automaton, and can hardly be regarded as a lineal ancestor of the gramophone.

    Mr. Punch`s history of modern England, Volume I -- 1841-1857

  • The biodiversity of the Chocó, included among which is this Euphonia tanager, urgently requires increased conservation attention.

    Biological diversity in Tumbes-Chocó-Magdalena

  • The S.S. Euphonia, ablaze with twinkling lights, glided across a moonlit sea.

    Excerpt: Corby Flood by Paul Stewart

  • ‘After all, it’s not as if the poor old Euphonia stops anywhere interesting any more.

    Excerpt: Corby Flood by Paul Stewart

  • There are several endemic areas within this ecoregion; the upper Magdalena, in the Huila territory, with species of birds such as Athene cunicularia tolimae or Euphonia concinna, and the Cattleya trianaei, the national flower of Colombia.

    Magdalena Valley montane forests

  • Corby Flood and her family are about to set sail on the rather ramshackle cruise ship, the S.S. Euphonia.

    Corby Flood: Summary and book reviews of Corby Flood by Paul Stewart.

  • Although Teh Flock claims support by such personalities as Borat (no comment), plans for the fabled One Dot Oh (so called Euphonia) remain obscure at best.

    Another Flocker flies the coop | FactoryCity

  • I want some of whatever drug you were taking when you made Euphonia!

    Weekend Craziness


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